SIAI refixation

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Fracture of the Spina Iliaca Inferior in young patients.

Generally this occurs with hyperextension trauma and contracted rectus muscle. The patient has painful active hip  flexionDiagnosis is done by Rx, RMN or echographic images.

Surgery: short anterior approach to the hip

here: left hip, signed the SIAS, trochanter; the dotted line is above the septum intermuscolaris

The incision is distal and lateral to the spina iliaca anterior superior, about 5-6 cm





Incision of the fascia latae above the tensor muscle.





Then between tensor and sartorius you reach the anterior region of the acetabulum, where you can  feel the dislocated fragment; fixation with screw and aggressive washer

Post OP: no weigth bearing and no active hip flexion for about 3-4 weeks. Then ligth contact for further 2-3 weeks.







Inferior iliac spine dislocation, indication