Sacrum fracture complex

Presentation of clinical case: sacrum fracture

  • anterior pelvic ring disruption with dislocated sacrum fracture.
  • Which surgical procedure do you choose?

a) first anterior plating, then posterior stabilization

b) first posterior stabilization, then anterior plating

c) posterior stabilization and anterior external fixateur

d) only posterior stabilization



please give your opinion:

  • Kambiz Sarahrudi: 1. posterior plate or lumbopelvine stabilization then 2. anterior stabilization
  • Kishore Harani: posterior screw satbilization and anterior symphysis plating
  • Thomas Skrebsky: 1. lumbopelvine stabilization then 2. ORIF anterior plating

our solution (M.Memminger): 1. posterior stabilization 2. anterior plating: see the post OP X-rays