Hip revision cup: treatment

treatment in a case of severe border defects of the acetabulum

Position, incision:

  • lateral position, we used the previous posterolateral incision, removed the screws, the augment and the rotated cup.
  • local situation: severe posterior column defect and severe superolateral defect. Anterior column thinned, but intact.









  • application of 3.5 reconstruction plate (DePuy-Synthes) in titan from the ischium to the ilium in the superolateral position, used to restore the posterior column and the lateral border.
  • bone substitutes with growth factors
  • Application of Lima revision cup 

We restored the leg length, postoperative time: no limitation of movement, absence of full weigth bearing for about 6 weeks.

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Please open the discussion and give us your comments: alternative incision, position and revision cup?