Pathologies of the hip joint


Collum neck fracture in child - proposalDislocated femoral neck fracture in children. Skiing accident. We tried closed reduction without success. What is your opinion about this case?...

Congenital hip luxation in a 4 months old girl. See Rx-ray and ultrasound image. Which treatment should be done and when?

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After traction treatment (4-5 weeks) no reduction was achieved. See the RMN and arthrography images.

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Surgical treatment in congenital hip luxation at 4 months of age. Anterior Hueter approach was used.

Slipped femural epiphysis in young boy. Surgical procedure of Fish-Dunn with hip luxation (Ganz).

Woman affected by multiple cartilagineous exostosis disease. She suffered from uncontrollable hip pain. After surgery immediately clinical improvement and nearly absence of pain.

Osteoarthritis in hip displasia in dwarfism. Custom made Traser cup: 30mm diameter, head 17mm. Small Wagner stem.

treatment in a case of severe border defects of the acetabulum

Labrum lesion in mild hip dysplasia. How should we treat this young, 20 years old girl with rigth hip pain. On x-ray mild dysplasia.