1. Kocher-Langenbeck approach (KLB): reduction of the transverse acetabulum fracture and stabilisation with 2 plates. We achieved good reduction. 

2. Supine position and application of Fix. ex to stabilize furthermore the anterior column


The 2 posterior plates gave a good mechanical stability, to achieve further stabilisation of the anterior column was not really necessary for us. One possibility could be, to bring in a screw from posterior which is fixing the anterior column (but this is difficult to do, so we didn't try). To add anterior plating would increase the morbidity and would not reduce significantly the recovery time to weigth bearing.

The Fix ex is like an ensurance to protect the 2 posterior plates against dislocating forces  - but was it really necessary; maybe not, because the reduction achieved from posterior was perfect with high intrinsic stability.

Post OP recovery:

  • Mobilisation in bed for 4-5 weeks
  • Sitting on a seat: after 4 weeks
  • Weigth bearing on the rigth site: after 5-6 weeks
  • Full weigth bearing bilateral: after 10 weeks


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Please add comments about your proposals and recovery time you would choose.