Congenital hip luxation

Congenital hip luxation in a 4 months old girl. See Rx-ray and ultrasound image. Which treatment should be done and when? If you want to see the full case, you have to do be a group member.

4 months old children with congenital hip luxation. 4 weeks traction treatment (according to Krämer) without reduction.

See the ultrasound image:

 The head is not inside the acetabulum - it leans on the capsule, soft tissue. Reduction is not possible.








What do you propose?

Treatment choices: surgical reduction - but when? Which choices do we have?

  • 1. Immediately surgical reduction (reduce and wait: devolopment)
  • 2. Surgical reduction when the children is 6 months old (reduced epiphysis necrosis after 6 months)
  • 3. Surgical reduction after 1 year of age: reduced necrosi of the femural epiphysis, but you have to do also acetabuloplasty to improve the head coverage)

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