Tibia bifocal with plafond

We present Tibial plafond fracture (posteromedial) and tibial fracture. In 1 month we had two fractures of this type. Moore Type I (IV?). We are interested in your proposal of surgical procedure. Soft tissue is ok. Further images:








Proposals for surgery technique

  1. Tscherne-Johnson Extensile Approach for Tibial Plateau Fractures: clock-approach; proposal Dr. A. Salvi
  2. Posteromedial approach (Lobenhoffer/Gala) + MIPO anterolateral plate: proposal Dr. Alessandro Provenza + Dr. Paolo Ricci
  3. Dorsal posterior approach (and plate fpr the posteromedial fragment) + nail (diaphyseal fragment): proposal Dr. M. Tanner

All these advices seem good and feasible to me: thank you very much for your proposals.

We chose the posteromedial approach with anterolateral Mipo plate (more common for us - similar case before):